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Day 5

Dathus swore under his breath. Having the emissary arrive before he announced himself to the Lord was not what Dathus wanted. He would have been almost certainly dismissed from the fort and would be back on his way, but not he'd have to wait for the High King's emissary to be seen and have a meeting with the Lord. Looking out the window, Dathus could see the entrance gate for the fort. Dozens of guard on horses where strutting into the courtyard, ornate armer gleaming in afternoon sun. Behind th...
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Day 4

Today, we're going to divert a little more into the techy side of things of being the Shut-in Nerd and why it was that I got into tech and homelabing. The simple truth is something I occasionally say when interviewing or talking with co-workers or others that take an interest in me. That truth, is that I wanted to be a better pirate and I wanted to make money.Like most college students, I didn't always have a lot of money to go out and see new movies, and even during the early 00s (there I go, a...
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Day 3

After a few hours of short sleep, Dathus awoke, feeling only slightly refreshed. The benefit of arriving at the fort so early meant he could take extra time to sleep and take his time getting ready before needing to head to the court and offer his services to the king. Dathus sat up in the bed, turning and setting his feet on the ground while yawning. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked for his clothes. They were laying on the ground, dirty and admittedly a little rank from his time on ...
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Day 2

If you saw yesterday's post, oh god oh no someone is actually looking at this blog. But also, thanks! I by no means consider myself any sort of writer, but sometimes an idea pops into the old noggin and I run with it for awhile, so long as the iron is hot. As I, maybe you too, go on this adventure, I'll dip in and out of those kinds of writing moods and hammer out something that might be something good. I'll probably go back and edit some posts with things I think of later, and whatever day I do...
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Day 1

Dathus was tired. He had been marching for weeks and finally reached the fort of the Lord of Konnar before the morning light was breaking. He had come at the call of his lord, despite years of being out of favor and unofficially exiled. Simply encouraged to "protect" the wilds near the edge of the southern edge of the lord's domain. With the High King of Dommar slowly building armies closer to the northern borders, Dathus' lord would need all the experienced fighters and leaders to fend off the ...
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Hello! Welcome!This is something I'm going to toss some writings onto for the next 100 days, as a challenge to myself to see what all comes out of this dumb brain. If I make it past 100 days and keep writing, well I guess I'll have to slap blogger on a title somewhere.What should you, as a reader expect? Well, probably musings over media, probably some movies, maybe an anime, potentially a book. Maybe just a guide on how to do something a little technical, perhaps even a smidge legally gray. Cou...
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